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4 Ways to Make This Year a Life-Changing Year

Every year around this time we start to think about new years’ resolutions. And why not? What better way to start the year off than with a few goals that will help you be happier and feel fantastic? It’s a great idea in theory—the challenge is that too often we think of resolutions as temporary changes that get forgotten or dropped as soon as the first obstacle comes our way.

A more lasting approach for real positive change is to find ways to integrate these “resolutions” into your daily lifestyle, to think of them as vital shifts in your daily life, rather than quick fixes. Here are four changes to consider for this year—and beyond.

Four Ways to Make 2016 a Life-Changing Year with @DaiManuel #WLFM
Eat to feel full and and fuel your workout.

Make this year all about conscious eating. Find out how many calories your body needs to function optimally, then tailor your macronutrient intake to your activity level and fitness goals. Luvo has written about the importance of understanding macronutrients before.

If you think of food as fuel for your life, you’ll be more inclined to appreciate how it affects your mood and energy levels in daily life as well as your workouts, and you’ll be less inclined to overindulge on empty treats. Luvo’s meals provide a convenient way to get the right mix of protein, carbs and fats, and have the further benefit of being delicious. And this year there’s no excuse for excessive snacking. Luvo’s breakfast burritos are nutrient dense and the perfect size for a quick bite of something healthy. Still need a way to get nutrients easily? Try one of these 5-ingredient smoothies for fast, healthy snacks that will help power your day.

Think about yourself

Thinking about yourself shouldn’t be considered selfish. If you tend to your own physical and mental well-being, you’ll be better equipped to support your family and community and thrive in your job. Check out my Whole Life Fitness Manifesto to find out how you can you can re-program your body, lose excess weight, and feel healthier and happier using just 2% of your day, or 30 minutes. All you need is 15 minutes for exercise, 5 minutes focusing on mindfulness, and 10 minutes for personal development, and you’re well on your way to positive change.

Four Ways to Make 2016 a Life-Changing Year with @DaiManuel #WLFM

Find an active passion

Life is better when you have a passion. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. When you have an activity or event that gets you excited every day, your outlook improves and your energy levels seem endless. Find an active passion that will get you on your feet and get you moving. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you love it and it involves a bit of sweat. Getting a friend or a group of friends involved can enhance the experience, as having a team provides social support and peer motivation that will help you stick to it.

Commit to an OSM

When’s the last time you did something that seriously challenged your physical and mental limits? If you can’t come up with an answer off the top of your head, you should consider committing to having an OSM this year, or an “OH $HIT MOMENT.” An OSM can be exactly what you need to take yourself out of the inertia of everyday life, to show yourself what you’re capable of, and to scare you just a little bit.

Get a friend and sign up for a half-marathon, climb a mountain together, pick two cities and bike from one to the other. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you commit to the training and preparation needed to make it happen. You’ll get a ton of exercise, make new friends for life, and create memories that I guarantee will last a lifetime.

Now that’s a recipe for a life-changing year.

What’s your plan for making 2016 a life-changer? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter at @luvoinc.

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