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The Healing Power of Bone Broth

So I’m chilling out with my favorite hipster the other day and I’m all “Let’s get some soup ‘cause it’s cold.”

He’s like, “Oh, there’s this new bone broth place down the street that all the cool kids are talking about.”

And I’m all, “Bone broth? The stuff my Oma used to make with leftover over chicken scraps and the vegetables my sister and I didn’t eat?”

He replies, “Kind of… it’s a bit meatier than your grandma’s and simmers for way longer which packs in way more stuff.” Confused (and still cold), my next natural step is to Google as we walk through the mean streets of Vancouver. Here’s what I discovered:

Bone broth (or ‘brodo’) is made from a pile bones (the most common are beef, turkey and chicken) mixed with water, veg and spices. The ‘stuff’ Peter spoke of actually translates to:

  • A ton of nutrients
  • A mountain of minerals
  • An intense amount of flavor

I also learned that ‘way longer’ meant waaaaay longer. This trendy, magical meat soup often simmers in excess of 24 hours until the point where pressing one of the floating bones between your thumb and forefinger makes it crumble like fairy dust.

Why Bone Broth Trumps

Because of the extra brewing time, bone broths are super-charged with amino acids; glycine in particular. If you’re like me, your next question is: “Why the _____ does that even matter?” Let me tell you folks, it matters! Glycine is a synthesizer (not in the Phil Collins/Genesis kind of way). It supports the body’s natural detoxification, regulates blood sugar, and plays a big part in manufacturing the hormones responsible for your super strong immune system. It also assists in the secretion of gastric acids (translation: it helps build protein, absorb calcium, and most importantly, keeps sh!t moving).

Where Do You Get Bone Broth?

You have three options:

  1. You can follow your favorite Paleo-obsessed crossfitter (or my hipster friend Pete) to your local bone broth dealer. Restaurants are tossing them on menus everywhere. There’s even a place in New York that only sells bone broth!
  1. You can visit my Oma in Toronto. She can’t see as well as she used to, so be sure to strain the broth before you drink it to avoid ingesting a rogue twist tie.
  1. You can make it yourself! This recipe is almost identical to my Oma’s. Please be sure to buy your bones from an ethical, whole-body butcher or farmer.

How to Consume Bone Broth

The easiest way to get all the goodness of bone broth into your system is to drink it straight. Now that I make my own (ahem) I toss about a quart of it in my travel mug and season it with salt, pepper and some crushed garlic and sip it on my way to work. You can use it to braise meat and vegetables, or in soups, stews and sauces. It’s great when you feel like you’re coming down with something because it gives your immune system (and mood) a boost while soothing your throat.

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