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What To Do With Pumpkin Guts

PSL is a thing. You can pretty much find pumpkin-spiced anything. And maybe at the current moment, you’re pumpkin threshold has reached it’s maximum. But, before you sign-off on eating any more pumpkin, I challenge you to reconsider. Pumpkin is versatile, it tastes great, and it’s an easy way to boost nutrition in anything from oatmeal to baked goods to yogurt to pasta.

What To Do With Pumpkin Guts c/o @Luvoinc

Nutritionally speaking, pumpkin rocks. It’s loaded with Vitamin A, an important antioxidant that keeps our bodies strong and healthy, warding off free radical damage. It’s also a good place to get fiber, which helps with satiety and promotes good intestinal health. From a culinary standpoint, pumpkin is a dream. It tastes amazingly earthy and sweet when roasted. When cooked and pureed, it creates a beautiful, rich (low calorie) filling for ravioli and lasagna. And when that same puree is used in quick breads or muffins, you get a treat that is super-moist and delicious without having to use a lot of butter or oil. And those seeds! Wow, are they under-utilized! Roast them and use them as a topping for salads, soups or to just to have as a snack.

Now, that you’re ready to get your apron on, check out these awesome recipes that celebrate and honor one of our favorite gourds!

What To Do With Pumpkin Guts c/o @Luvoinc

What To Do With Pumpkin Guts c/o @Luvoinc

What To Do With Pumpkin Guts c/o @Luvoinc

What To Do With Pumpkin Guts c/o @Luvoinc


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