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Classic Canadian Foods You May Not Know

This year Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation, when the colonies of Upper Canada (now Ontario), Lower Canada (now Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were brought together to form a cold new country. The nation has seen many changes since then, as more provinces and territories were officially added, and immigrants arrived from all over … Read more »

Luvo Hack: Natalie’s Chicken Chile Verde Street-Style Tacos

Experts say that if you want to get a wide variety of nutrients in your diet, you should make sure the food on your plate is colorful. That’s because different nutrients impart different colors in your food. For example, purple cabbage gets its vibrant hue from antioxidants that help keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp – both essential for … Read more »

Steel Cut Oatmeal Parfait

Starting your day off right is important. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house in the morning without brushing your teeth, why would you head to work or school without enjoying one of the most nourishing meals of the day? Eating breakfast sets you up for success! How? By helping you meet your daily quota for… Read more »

Luvo Hacks: Chicken Harissa and Chickpeas

Stay balanced this holiday season with quick and easy dinner options on nights where you’re not indulging in the usual festive favorites. These tasty eggplant “rolls” are packed with flavour! The Luvo staff loved the smokiness of the harissa combined with the grilled eggplant. To cool things down a bit we topped them with a minty yogurt sauce – a total Moroccan feast at home!… Read more »