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This History of Salt

Most people today rarely think about salt, except when they’re trying to avoid eating too much of it, or biting into an under seasoned dish. But until recently, much of human history has revolved around the clear, crystalline substance.… Read more »

Why Should We Care About Sodium?

Ah, headlines! As a dietitian and former nutrition director for Good Housekeeping, I sometimes have to gasp at those attention-grabbing food and nutrition-focused titles. Here are a few on salt that caught my eye:… Read more »

Luvo Salt Alternatives

Pass on the Salt: Try These Flavorful Salt Alternatives Instead!

There’s no doubt that a dash of salt enhances the flavor of your food, but there’s also no doubt that too many dashes can be bad for your health. If you’re a salt fiend, I’ve got some tips to help you enhance flavor without sending your sodium through the roof… Read more »