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The Fridge Cleanse

10 Things That Should Be On Your Grocery List

A new year, a new you? That was so 2015. For 2016 you’re on to bigger and better things, like your…fridge. Your fridge is the one appliance in your house you’re guaranteed to visit on the daily. Whether it’s to grab a little nut milk for your coffee in the morning, to store your new Luvo Chicken Chorizo Chili and Vegetable Bimbimbap, or just to stare at aimlessly hoping new food will have appeared since the last time you opened the refrigerator doors, your fridge is a big part of your life and for that very reason alone it deserves a lot of TLC. So as the New Year rolls in, it’s time to cleanse that fridge.

Your Fridge Cleanse will require getting rid of the junk and replacing with a few new things. Here’s what we suggest putting on your grocery list:

  1. Natural Cleaning Product – First things first, you’ll want to empty everything out of the fridge. Yes, EVERYTHING. Then give your fridge a good scrub down. A blank (clean) canvas is the best way to kick off your fridge cleanse. Create a warm soapy mixture, grab a rag and be sure to get all the little corners and crevices. We love Better Life’s what-EVER! Natural All-Purpose Cleaner for the job.
  1. Glass Containers – Having a set of glass containers handy makes storing food like last night’s leftovers that much easier. Also being able to see what’s in your containers will help keep your new cleansed fridge organized. Wean Green has an awesome selection of containers that you can use to store, serve, freeze, microwave and even serve.
  1. Glass Water Bottle – Ditch storing a bunch of plastic water bottles in your fridge and instead refill a glass bottle with filtered water. There’s a nice selection of water bottles on Apartment Therapy if you’re looking for inspo.
  1. Flaxseeds – As you now know Flaxseeds are a little known ingredient with a huge punch and a good way to help flush your system out. Keep them on-hand in a container in your newfound fridge to throw into a smoothie or on to a salad.
  1. Chopped In-Season Veggies– Keeping chopped up veggies in your fridge is a solid way to avoid bad snacking. Scoop a selection of in-season veggies at your local farmer’s market and chop ‘em up. Use the glass containers mentioned above to store.
  1. Lemons – We’ve got lots of love for lemons. Grab a bunch and regularly restock in your fridge.
  1. New Condiments – Since you’ve taken everything out of your fridge, this is the perfect opportunity to ditch the old and preservative-loaded condiments. Out with the old and in with the new. Greatist has a great list of healthy condiments to use as replacements.
  1. Fruit – Keeping freshly-picked fruit in your fridge is a great way to set your sweet tooth up for success. You can buy them pre-packed and frozen or pick-up fresh fruit and freeze yourself in those same containers from above. See how helpful those containers are already?
  1. Frozen Luvo Meals – Duh. Stock up on your faves and heat up when you’re hungry. It’s as simple as that.
  1. Coconut Oil – Last but not least, great for cooking, baking and even home remedies, coconut oil is an essential for your new cleansed fridge. Here are some great ways to put your coconut oil into action.

Now that you have the fridge cleaned up.. why not try the freezer? Share your tips with us here in the comment section and on Twitter @Luvoinc.

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