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6 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen for Success

I’m a firm believer that it’s a lot easier to avoid making unhealthy decisions if you just never have the opportunity to do so. Makes sense right? That’s why I don’t keep any junk food in my kitchen. It’s not that I don’t indulge from time to time (ok maybe more than that, let’s be real)… I just don’t want to be hungry one day and be tempted to grab something that’s not good for me just out of convenience.

Keeping your kitchen organized to support your healthy lifestyle is a great way to be good to you! Here are some tips to help you stock and organize your kitchen so it aligns a little more with your health goals and helps you achieve success:

Keep junk away

Everyone loves a treat once in a while, but if you’ve got a ton of them taking up prime real estate in your kitchen, it’s easy to fall off the healthy eating train. If you do have treats in your inventory, keep them at the back of the cupboard or in another room, or better yet, leave them off your shopping list altogether if you’re afraid you’re going to overindulge.

Stock up on the goods 

This one’s pretty straightforward – while you’re reducing and keeping the unhealthy stuff away, stock up on the good stuff! And there is truth to the suggestion that you should stick to the outer edges of the grocery store to help you make better choices. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are always great choices.

Chop your produce ASAP

Whenever I buy a big load of whole, nutritious and good-for-me groceries, I end up with a ‘fridge full of good intentions’. I can’t remember where I heard that term, but it’s really spot-on. It’s called a ‘fridge full of good intentions’ because I don’t always get a chance to eat all the fresh produce before it goes bad. One way to ensure you get the full nutritional benefit of those good intentions is to freeze them chop things into bite-sized pieces as soon as you get them home. You can leave them raw, or cook them up with your favorite seasonings and store in a container. Whichever prep methods you choose, you’ll have tons of options available for not only creating delicious and healthy meals and snacks, but you’ll also be more likely to use up your produce in a timely manner.

Keep healthy choices within reach

Make sure healthy options are the most convenient options in your kitchen for when those unexpected hunger pangs strike or you’ve just run out of time to think. If you’ve got fresh fruit and veggies in front of your eyes in all their naturally beautiful glory, you’ll be more likely to grab an apple or some carrot sticks over a bag of chips. Get yourself a nice fruit bowl and some clear containers so you can always see the colors of the fruit and veggie rainbow!

Build your healthy lunch arsenal 

If you’ve got all the accessories to make healthy lunches for the office, you’ve won half the battle. I’m talking about having a variety of reusable containers for your food. Grab a bunch of different sizes, including small ones for your homemade dressings, sandwich-sized ones, soup-friendly ones, and perhaps a few mason jars for your hipster salads.

Keep a few convenient items on hand

It’s easy to run out of time too cook a healthy meal when your schedule is packed. This is when frozen prepared meals come in handy. Either cook big batches of homemade goodness and freeze for quick and easy dinners, or pick up some healthy frozen meals from your local grocery store. In the past, people reached for the conventional frozen TV dinner, which wasn’t the healthiest choice. Thankfully, things have changed in the world of frozen food and there are a lot of great options out there (may we suggest our good-for-you frozen entrees?

What are your secrets to a well-organized kitchen? Share in the comments or over on twitter at @luvoinc.

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