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Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian

What started your journey into nutrition?

When I was growing up, my mother hardly cooked. Mac & cheese and hotdogs were routinely served. My grandfather’s family owned the candy company that produced Whoppers so there was always a steady supply of sweets. My mom is naturally very thin but I always had to work a little harder to maintain my weight. After college, I bought some cookbooks and discovered that you can make delicious meals that also make you feel great—not weighed down like the stuff I had been used to eating. From there I decided to study nutrition. I’m a science geek so it was a good fit. My goal was to become a writer because I wanted a big platform to teach people easy ways to improve their life through healthy eating. Working at Good Housekeeping—with around 25 million readers—was a major achievement but I also recognized that people have legitimate struggles with time, planning, and cooking on their healthy-eating journey. They need a simple solution and that’s what brought me to Luvo.

If you had to describe in one sentence what you want the world to know about nutrition what would it be?

The commandments for healthy eating can be boiled down to one sentence: Eat more fruits and vegetables, emphasize whole grains over refined grains, enjoy quality proteins whether from plants or animals raised without antibiotics, and be responsible with sodium and sugar. If I get a second sentence, I’d add that despite what many people think, health and nutrition professionals can pretty much agree on all of those tenets—we’re not so divided and we don’t flip flop!

Must-have snacks on a road trip?

I’m on the road a lot and I can’t live without a baggie of nuts and a banana! I may or may not have a couple of bananas in my hotel room as I type—ready for a return trip! I’ve also been known to pack cut up veggies, hard boiled eggs, and a cheese stick, but those things require an ice pack and generally come from my kitchen. I know I can always find a banana and nuts, and they travel beautifully so they’re part of my travel routine.

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